Kibo’s Perfect Sync Streamlines Data for Seamless Support

Kibo’s Perfect Sync Streamlines Data for Seamless Support

Kibo’s Perfect Sync Streamlines Data for Seamless Support

When it comes to support, today’s retail customers will not settle for virtual time. They expect knowledgeable assistance from customer support and sales associates in real time. And that requires great communication.

But legacy eCommerce platforms often suffer from poor communication between the front-end and OMS. Kibo is putting an end to that with its Perfect Sync technology. Seamlessly connecting your front-end and OMS in real-time, our flexible, cost-effective APIs allow you to enter data once and enjoy a real-time, unified view of product information, inventory, orders, customer data, promotions, appeasements and more—all accessible via any connected device.

Here’s how it works. Orders are also processed faster and more accurately by allowing the front-end to handle the processing of orders along with calculation of tax and promotions. That means Kibo can focus on what we do best—intelligently route orders to the optimal fulfillment location via the delivery option that is most convenient to the shopper.

The result is empowered customer support agents and sales associates. Retailers can expect significant reductions in the time and labor associated with double entry, while reducing database errors and improving security. And the flexible, cost-effective, cloud-based solution can have you up and running in 90 days, in plenty of time for the holiday shopping season.

Of course, your customers don’t care about APIs. What they want—and will get—is a world-class shopping experience. Perfect Sync empowers your support and sales associates to access up-to-the-minute product and order information and offer targeted promotions and save-the-sale appeasements—culminating in increased brand loyalty and sales.

“For more than a decade, Kibo cloud-based platform has been driving an industry shift from legacy order management to SaaS-based distributed order management solutions,” says Shopatron Founder Ed Stevens. “Our Perfect Sync technology represents a key differentiator in providing a flexible, streamlined solution for online and offline retail fulfillment. This is the natural next step toward enabling seamless omni-channel retail commerce.”

Perfect Sync lays the groundwork for Kibo’s upcoming Demandware cartridge release. Developed in collaboration with Lyons Consulting Group, the cartridge will soon be certified for inclusion in Demandware’s LINK program. The cartridge powers a SaaS-to-SaaS connection that allows Demandware customers to deploy advanced fulfillment and support capabilities quickly and easily, including in-store pickup, ship-from-store, inventory lookup, vendor drop-ship and real-time customer support capabilities without disrupting existing eCommerce deployments, POS systems or warehousing applications.

To learn more about Perfect Sync, download this Snapshot. And be sure to check out our white papers and case studies to find out how Kibo can help your business compete and win in today’s competitive retail landscape.

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