RapiDoc API Documentation: An Improved and Updated Approach

RapiDoc API Documentation: An Improved and Updated Approach

RapiDoc API Documentation: An Improved and Updated Approach

As part of Kibo’s ongoing effort to enhance our developer resources, we have updated and improved our API documentation, making API integration simpler and faster. The Kibo Unified Commerce Platform REST APIs provide excellent performance, flexibility, and scalability for merchants and online retailers.

The new API documentation is:

  • Designed with developers in mind, providing an outstanding developer experience
  • Interactive and support making real API requests while referencing the docs
  • Automated and reliable

Our documentation is now generated with RapiDoc, taking advantage of OpenAPI Specification and RapiDoc’s interactive features to provide more comprehensive and accurate resources.

Developers will find this new documentation easier to use, speeding up development time and making API changes quicker to implement.

Automated Updates and More Reliable Documentation

Content can be automatically updated directly from the codebase. RapiDoc uses scripts to compile data from the Unified Commerce API specs, meaning changes are routinely incorporated into the documentation, making it more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

Online retailers and brands can be even more confident in their ability to rapidly test, iterate, and scale.

A Visual Approach

The new documentation format is clear and easy to understand:

  • Field definitions are displayed as a JSON model, which allows you to see how the data objects are defined and view more of the request body at once.
  • The visual depiction of the model, data types, and descriptions gives you a more immediate overview of the API request
  • The model is similar to other API management layouts such as Swagger that developers may already be familiar with

Graphical user interface, text Description automatically generated

A New Search Function

We are always considering improvements and suggestions based on user feedback: one of the most popular requests was for an enhanced search function.

Our new documentation comes with a search that allows you to find a particular operation by simply entering a search term rather than navigating through the API hierarchy and list of requests.

Interactive Capabilities

Though anyone can browse the documentation as needed, RapiDoc provides interactive capabilities that allow API users to test their API requests and check that everything appears as expected before going live.

After authenticating yourself on the site, you can select whether you want to send calls to your live or staging environments. It means that when viewing an operation, you can turn the request model into an editable template. Submitting this request will perform the call and give you a real response – enabling easy testing directly from the documentation page.

Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

Easily Accessible with Additional Documentation

Kibo hosts the new documentation on a companion site to our knowledge base, accessible by clicking the “API Documentation” tile from the Unified Commerce Developer category.

The knowledge base also includes additional supporting documentation, such as:

  • Walkthroughs on how to sort and filter APIs
  • What response codes to expect
  • Walkthroughs of processes that users may need to familiarize themselves with, such as how to configure inventory or fulfill shipments via a series of multiple API calls

Additional content will be coming soon, adding new topics and guides to further strengthen our overall API documentation.

Taken together with Kibo’s outstanding REST APIs, this addition to the Unified Commerce Platform adds even greater functionality for developers, retailers, and online brands.

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