ICYMI: Kibo’s latest product updates help protect order revenue and reduce cancellations and returns

ICYMI: Kibo’s latest product updates help protect order revenue and reduce cancellations and returns

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It’s not uncommon for shoppers to encounter dilemmas after placing an order, whether it’s realizing a crucial item was forgotten just moments after checkout or finding lost items right after reordering them. The ensuing order cancellations and returns not only create shopper crises but also turn into merchant nightmares, impacting revenue and logistics.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a solution to alleviate these issues with Configurable Order Shipment Release and Enhanced Order Permission. Our clients can control the time between order placement and shipment creation, offering a flexible and efficient way to reduce order cancellations and returns. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits, uses, and how these updates work to transform the experience for both shoppers and businesses alike.

Configurable Order Shipment Release

Have you ever experienced that frustrating moment when you’ve added a few extra items to your cart to qualify for overnight shipping, only to realize just 15 minutes after hitting “place order” that you forgot to include a crucial item you actually needed? It’s a situation many shoppers can relate to, and without the option to easily add to your order or contact customer service in the nick of time, you may find yourself hitting the cancel button and going through the entire ordering process again.

Similarly, have you ever lost your beloved earbuds and ordered a new pair, only to find the original pair soon after? Returning the order seems like the logical solution, especially if you can avoid additional shipping costs. While this may resolve the shopper’s crisis, it initiates a merchant nightmare.

Enter Kibo’s Configurable Order Shipment Release. Configurable Order Shipment Release allows a merchant to delay the time between when the order is placed and when the shipment is created.

Kibo Configurable Shipments UI

Benefits & Uses: 

  • Delayed time can reduce order cancellations and returns.
  • It creates a time buffer for a customer or customer service rep to cancel orders before the order is submitted or edit orders (add an item/increase quantity, add a coupon, update shipping, etc.) after the order is submitted.
  • It offers flexibility to decide if inventory should be reserved on order creation or shipment creation.

How it Works


  1. Choose a preset time for X minutes after the order is submitted – it can be any number between 1-7200.
  2. Inventory will normally be reserved upon shipment creation. If desired, enable Reserve Inventory when the order status is “Pending” (when the order has been submitted but shipment has not been created).
  3. You can override the shipment creation setting for a particular order. This is useful, for example, when your standard shipment schedule involves a one-day delay, but circumstances arise, and you anticipate being unable to fulfill the order until two days later. In that case, you can delay the shipment creation by an extra day, either at th


  1. e time of order creation or after the order has been submitted.

To learn more about configurable shipments, explore our documentation.


Enhanced Order Permissions

If you manage or outsource a customer care team, this one is tailored specifically for you. There are many reasons you may want to control a team member’s ability to edit order information or cancel orders.

Picture this: you’re a B2B organization with a considerable average order value and a long roster of loyal customers. Naturally, you grant certain permissions to your customer service team, allowing them to assist in tasks such as modifying part quantities from 5 units to 15 units. But what happens when a returning high-value customer calls to cancel an entire order? Do you want a customer service rep to simply hit the cancel button without any sales or management intervention to understand why or how to potentially save that order?

To address this concern, Kibo’s granular user permissions for Restrict Edit and Restrict Cancellation provide a solution that ensures the right level of oversight and intervention.

Kibo Order Permissions UI


Restrict Edit & Restrict Cancellation Flags in Order Permissions allow admins to restrict a customer service rep’s ability to cancel an order or make edits to an order’s details, shipment, or payment information. 

Benefits & Uses: 

  • Provides flexibility for merchants to enforce order restrictions based on individual business rules.
  • Useful if customer service roles and responsibilities vary across channels or labor types, such as third-party contact center help during peak seasons.
  • Can be used to restrict the actions of users in training until they are certified to perform all customer service duties.

How it Works

  1. After a customer submits an order, merchants can determine to what extent a customer service rep is allowed to edit or cancel the order. 
  2. Restricted Order Editing still allows for viewing orders in a read-only state and allows the user to edit internal order notes and initiate or process returns. They will be restricted from canceling individual line items since shipment-level edits are restricted. 
  3. Restricted Order Cancelling allows users to edit an order at the line-item level but not cancel the total order. 
  4. A new user behavior, Override Order Update Restriction, is also available in the user role permissions and applied to SuperAdmin and Admin users by default. A user with this behavior will be able to perform order updates regardless of the order’s restriction flags.

Explore Kibo User Roles & Permissions documentation.

Kibo’s Configurable Order Shipment Release and Enhanced Order Permissions provide innovative solutions to reduce cancellations and returns while ensuring greater control for merchants. The Configurable Order Shipment Release allows a delay between order placement and shipment creation, granting customers a window to make changes, decreasing cancellations. Enhanced Order Permissions offer granular control over customer care actions, protecting high-value orders and enforcing individual business rules. Together, these features foster a customer-friendly ecosystem and enhance operational efficiency.