Kibo Product Updates: A Look Back at 2021

Kibo Product Updates: A Look Back at 2021

Kibo Product Updates: A Look Back at 2021

A look at our top 9 product updates and releases from the last year for each Kibo product, and our favorite for each. 

Let’s take a look at our favorite 2021 releases:



We released Social Proof in February, with key updates enabling inventory-based (scarcity) messaging and the deployment of social proof across all key areas of the customer journey.

Social Proof is a proven way to generate additional revenue through leaning on powerful psychological phenomena like social validation and FOMO to encourage could-be-shoppers down the funnel to make a purchase. Kibo Personalization customer Toolstation drove 30x ROI with a Social Proof experience that took just minutes to set up.


With Boost and Bury, you can take action and influence the products you’re displaying based on the attributes of your choosing.

With a few clicks of a button, you can add conditions to, for example, boost seasonal colors or higher-margin products or react quickly to events by boosting in-demand products or brands. On the flip side, you can easily bury products, giving you additional control around what products your customers see.


Significant enhancements to Kibo Recommendations reporting now give users more granularity, visibility, and reporting flexibility. With additional views and reporting for recommendations, users can understand how many impressions, clicks, purchases, and how much revenue their product recommendations and individual models are driving.



Give more fulfilment flexibility overall convenience to your shoppers or buyers with services such as assembly and delivery alongside end-to-end support to shoppers throughout the buying journey.

It’s no secret that more flexibility around ordering and returns is now an online consumer ‘must have’. Gain a competitive advantage by winning and retaining customers, alongside increasing profitability with service upsells.



Deliver a more engaging search experience with better relevancy and enhanced search merchandising

Along with Boost & Bury (see listed in the personalization release note above) we’ve seen two other key search updates:

Search Preview | Speed up the QA process and more easily deliver optimal experiences to searchers by previewing settings before publishing live.

Splainer and Quepid Integrations | Better understand why results are coming back the way they are and more easily tweak configuration details with these key integrations.


In today’s eCommerce environment, merchandising teams need to be agile—but it can be tough to organize, manage, manipulate and locate the right image files quickly and efficiently. With this release, Kibo eCommerce customers can more easily upload, organize and manage image files.

We’ve made it easy to organize files in a folder structure that allows for hierarchies and easy navigation. This key update makes it faster to locate the right images to associate to products and perform more advanced folder operations.


Delight shoppers, generate cross-sells and leverage the creativity of your merchandising team by easily creating a ‘Family/Group/Look’ of individual products spanning across categories.

With Categories, you can increase the visibility of the products of your choosing across categories, making it easier for shoppers to discover new items and in turn leading to improved AOV and conversion.



Updates to the UCP Admin UI make reporting and account governance smoother and faster. The admin homepage now shows the order of reports by default and if a user does not have report permission, the homepage defaults to the tile view. Other updates allow for quick access to key performance metrics and reports. Kibo UCP users now have a better more meaningful homepage so they can spend more time on what matters –delivering relevant seamless experiences to customers.


Recent updates to B2B commerce make it easier and faster to operate a smoother experience for buyers and sellers. Businesses can reduce overhead costs with more seamless processes for creating and managing the creation of Buyer and Seller accounts. Save time by automating the sales processes between businesses with smoother methods for creating, requesting and negotiating quotes, and creating account hierarchies.


Kibo UCP customers can now access interactive API documentation making it easier and faster to independently implement new APIs. The interactive and intuitive site automatically updates with the latest documentation and API Servers along with Authentication make it possible to quickly test API calls

Other notable Kibo releases from 2021

  • Premium Models
  • Core SDKs
  • Markets
  • Recommendations Preview
  • Run-time filters
  • Behavioral Triggers
  • Transforms Library
  • Collections
  • Search Campaign
  • New API Documentation
  • Search Preview
  • Splainer
  • Quepid
  • Admin Dashboard UI
  • B2B Quotes
  • File Manager
  • Quick Edit 
  • Schedule Categories
  • Preparation & Delivery
  • Custom Lists
  • Reporting Enhancements

Get in touch with your Client Success Manager if you’d like any further details on these releases or to learn how you can get access!

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