New Report: 2022 Distributed Order Management for Retail

New Report: 2022 Distributed Order Management for Retail

New Report: 2022 Distributed Order Management for Retail

According to a Forbes Study, 96% of customers rate their experience with brands as a major judgment factor towards loyalty. 

According to Kibo and Ignitiv’s new report, “2022 Distributed Order Management for Retail,” the post-COVID world will be characterized by a deep and transformative embrace of digital.  

Retailers have already seen this transformation affecting consumer behavior, with shoppers embracing and using online and offline channels in diverse ways. This often includes using both channels at the same time, with certain consumer expectations centering around BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-in-Store), contactless delivery, and other fulfillment options, like expedited delivery. 

Retailers who are navigating the post-COVID world should now take the time to re-evaluate the capability of their Order Management System (OMS). Can your current OMS keep up with these increased demands? Is your OMS able to keep pace with these high customer expectations to retain customer loyalty and satisfaction?

Download this report from Kibo and Ignitiv, and learn: 

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic changed customer behavior 
  • What is distributed order management, or DOM 
  • The features and benefits of distributed order management 
  • Best practices for implementing distributed order management 
  • The value of having an implementation partner when choosing an order management solution 
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2022 Distributed Order Management for Retail

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