Kibo Product Releases: Q1 2022 Recap

Kibo Product Releases: Q1 2022 Recap

Kibo Product Releases: Q1 2022 Recap

In case you missed the news, here’s a quick look at our top product releases from Q1 2022: 


Enhanced Product Finder Features for Customization and Boost & Bury Capabilities 


Improved Out-Of-The-Box Styling : It’s easier than ever to get started with Product Finder experiences with styling that works out-of-the-box and exposed in CSS for fast and easy adjustment. 

Landing Screen Support: Access out-of-the-box, easily customizable landing pages to deliver welcome screens to entice shoppers to engage with Product Finder experiences. 

Separate Results & No Results Containers: With completely customizable ‘reset’ buttons included by default across product finder templates, it’s easier than ever to quickly deploy experiences tailored to your brand. 

Template & Tracking Improvements: We’ve made it easier for Developers to track changes and work with the Product Finder templates with inline comments and simplified code. 


With the addition of multiple attributes, Boost & Bury now allows you to promote or demote products across recommendations containers based on the attributes of your choosing, for example boosting a new product line, or demoting low margin items.  

With this most recent update, you can now assign different weights to up to five different catalog attributes, giving you more merchandising control over the products your customers are exposed to. 


Key Enhancements to the Fulfiller UI Workflow Making it Easier and Faster to Work with Orders 

  • PICK WAVES now group similar line items together across shipments. For example, if 5 shipments have 1 quantity of Product 123, the pick sheet will show one parent row for Product 123 with a quantity of 5. 
  • SHIPMENTS have been added to Solr indexing for faster search results. 
  • When shipments are blocked from fulfillment due to an errored payment status, they will now be highlighted in yellow to more clearly communicate that they are blocked. 


Making Merchandising Easy with Discount Folders & Campaigns 

DISCOUNT FOLDERS makes organization easier by using a hierarchical structure for all existing discounts in each catalog. You are able to create and delete folders, and move discounts between them for greater time savings. 

CAMPAIGNS enables a cohesive marketing strategy that touches storefront display, discounts, search and merchandising. Campaigns consist of a set of discounts and page variations, allowing for seasonal promotions and managing the user experience during a specific timeframe. 

Get in touch with your Client Success Manager if you’d like any further details on these releases or to learn how you can get access. You can also check out our Documentation Portal if you’d like to learn more about any of our products. 

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