Kibo Introduces New Video Chat Series "Talking Shop"

Kibo Introduces New Video Chat Series “Talking Shop”

Kibo Introduces New Video Chat Series “Talking Shop”

Kibo is thrilled to announce the drop of the very first episode of our new video chat series, “Talking Shop.”

“Talking Shop” is an informal, relaxed, coffee chat-style series, featuring conversations between various industry thought leaders from Kibo and from our industry partners and friends. The goal of this new series is to feature timely and topical discussions about current trends and issues impacting retail and eCommerce today.

In Episode #1, Kibo VP of Marketing Andrew Koperwas and Kibo eCommerce Expert Blake Billings take on the much buzzed about topic of Headless eCommerce and what exactly headless means. In their conversation, Andrew and Blake also offer valuable insight and tips for marketers who are deciding whether to take the plunge and go headless.

You can check out our very first episode of “Talking Shop” below and we look forward to sharing our future episodes with you!

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