Forrester Names Kibo a Strong Performer in New Ecommerce Wave

June 4, 2020
B2C Ecommerce

At Kibo, we’re dedicated to making it easy for our clients to create amazing customer experiences through personalized commerce. Our vision for personalized commerce includes order management, commerce, and personalization in a single unified platform. That’s why we are so excited to announce that Kibo has been named a Strong Performer in the recent Forrester Wave™: B2C Ecommerce Suites, Q2 2020. In addition, we are one of only three vendors in the report to improve on both scores assessing overall strength of our current offering and strategic vision from the previous wave.”

Download The Forrester Wave™: B2C Ecommerce Suites, Q2 2020


Kibo Fills the Need for a Best-In-Class Digital Commerce Platform

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Forrester had the vision for a flexible, extensible ecommerce suite that would work in tandem with other technologies in a merchant’s stack, rather than a closed stand-alone offering. In their report, they recommend that merchants look for suites with the following attributes:

› Provide relevant, industry-leading options—first- and third-party.

› Prioritize the business user experience.

› Offer prebuilt, deep integrations. 

› Have built or moved to a cloud, SaaS, microservice-based offering. 

Now that merchants have weathered nearly three months of turmoil due to COVID-19, and with economic uncertainty expected to persist, these recommendations are particularly relevant. Merchants must build technology stacks with best-in-class solutions that will enable them to rapidly create and curate innovative commerce experiences that win over modern consumers. Having a technology partner that delivers value across a wide variety of ecommerce scenarios, enhances the business user experience, integrates seamlessly into a rapidly evolving technology stack, and innovates without constraints is key. 

Forrester notes in the Forrester Wave™: B2C Ecommerce Suites, Q2 2020 that Kibo emphasizes usability, and says of the company’s strategic vision “Kibo is a best fit for merchants that are looking for ease of use and are willing to bet on the full-service potential of what’s to come as the provider executes on deeper integrations and unification.”

We couldn’t agree more. Our offering gives merchants every element of Forrester’s vision for a modern ecommerce solution:

Relevant Industry Leading Options

Kibo is the first unified platform to activate true personalized ecommerce across all channels and customer touchpoints. With recent acquisitions of Monetate and Certona, two industry-recognized leading personalization solutions, the company now offers the first end-to-end personalized commerce solution, which delivers truly unique ecommerce experiences to each and every visitor and customer.

Additionally, Kibo also offers an order management solution that enables full visibility and control over omnichannel fulfillment—critical components of the end-to-end customer journey in today’s environment. This allows for merchants to rapidly adapt their businesses as demand for new fulfillment options, such as curbside pickup, grows. 

Prioritize Business User Experience

In addition to the platform’s user experience, for which we were noted to have “thoughtful attention to admin usability,” Kibo ranked near the top for Commerce Management—a core requirement for any sophisticated merchant that is working to offer personalized and targeted commerce options across multiple digital and physical touchpoints. Kibo also earned the highest score for AI and machine learning, a nod to our commitment toward enabling merchants to easily scale personalized ecommerce with industry-leading machine-learning technologies.

Prebuilt Integrations

Internally, Kibo is a fully unified platform, which means all parts of our commerce suite, including ecommerce, order management, and personalization are integrated with each other. Our solutions utilize a shared data model and shared technology architecture to enable total control, not total cost.

Alongside our commitment to provide best-in-class ecommerce solutions, we are also constantly looking to innovate in how we work alongside others! To that end, we have partnered with, a leading integration platform, to automate implementation with over 1,000 packaged applications, including systems across ERP, ESP, CDP, CRM, and more! 

Download The Forrester Wave™: B2C Ecommerce Suites, Q2 2020


Cloud, Microservices-Based Offering

Finally, we are dedicated to empowering merchants to innovate on their commerce experience without limits or constraints. To that end, our platform is built as an API-first, microservices-based, multi-tenant cloud SaaS deployment. What that means is that we can roll out platform updates and enhancements without disruption or costly upgrades. We also enable fully headless commerce deployments, letting merchants innovate at the speed of their customers.

Final Thoughts

Between our end-to-end commerce suite, attention to the user experience, commitment to integrations, and headless design, Kibo has the components that merchants can rely on today to deliver top-notch commerce experiences and move confidently into the future.