eBook: Composable Commerce: What, Why, and How

eBook: Composable Commerce: What, Why, and How

eBook: Composable Commerce: What, Why, and How

What is composable commerce?

Composable commerce allows you to create a best-of-breed eCommerce platform customized exactly to your needs. It’s flexible, future-proof, and lets you scale without limitations. It takes headless and modular architecture to the next level, giving you the freedom to choose the best solution for each individual problem, without being locked into a single vendor.

Why consider a move to a composable commerce approach

Composability allows retailers to be agile and flexible. By building your platform from capabilities that you need, you save on the total cost of ownership (TCO). You’re also not tied to a specific vendor since you can mix-and-match capabilities from different providers.

In our eBook, we dive into the four pillars of composable commerce, how composable commerce can lower your total cost of ownership, and how to get started if you have composable commerce on your roadmap.

Download the eBook to learn: 

  • What is composable commerce and what’s the difference between composable and headless commerce?
  • How does composable commerce create better customer experiences? 
  • What business goals can you achieve with composable commerce?
  • What should you consider before moving to composable and how to look for a vendor?
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Composable Commerce: What, Why, and How

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