Kibo Delivers Scalable Performance Through 800% Surge in Demand for AMMEX PPE

Kibo Delivers Scalable Performance Through 800% Surge in Demand for AMMEX PPE

Medical glove manufacturer seamlessly served current and new clients through COVID-19

Dallas, TX (June 26, 2020) – Kibo, the leader in unified commerce, successfully scaled ecommerce operations by 800% during a surge in COVID-19-related demand for AMMEX, a seller and distributor of medical and industrial grade disposable gloves. AMMEX had no online ecommerce just two years ago, and has worked with Kibo to implement a flexible ecommerce solution for current and new clients that could easily adapt to changes in demand. That plan was tested to the extreme during the recent dramatic increase in the need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

“In the midst of a pandemic, our goal is to serve our customers as effectively as possible, prioritizing healthcare workers and loyal customers quickly and with excellent service,” said Chad Ghosn, CTO at AMMEX. “Kibo’s ecommerce platform allowed us to do just that, even as our demand peaked up to 800% on our website.”

AMMEX serves a wide variety of business customers that had largely ordered through sales teams and on the phone. During the pandemic, AMMEX was able to capitalize on the Kibo investment by organizing all orders for internal AMMEX users and customers to a single unified interface, allowing them to streamline order entry and processing. This created the efficiency needed to be able to handle the mass increase in volume of orders received during this tumultuous period. Additionally, AMMEX was able to prioritize healthcare and other essential clients over new and prospective clients to ensure they were managing inventory to help during the pandemic as much as possible.

“Kibo’s solution was so flexible and scalable that we saw no change in website performance during the surge. We were also able to double the size of our internal ecommerce customer service team and train them on the Kibo platform within a single week to meet call-in order demand,” said Ghosn.

During the surge, no matter how much load was placed on Kibo, there was no degradation in performance in order processing or site performance. With the cloud-based technology and scalability of Kibo’s architecture, AMMEX enjoyed consistent performance throughout.

“We are incredibly inspired by AMMEX’s commitment to their essential worker clients and loyal customers in the middle of a massive increase in demand for their products, and are proud to have offered reliable and scalable technology to support that effort,” said Ram Venkataraman, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Kibo. “We are excited to continue to innovate with AMMEX as they expand further across Kibo’s frictionless commerce solution.”

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