HALL Wines Selects Kibo Social Proof to Drive Higher Interest From Customers

HALL Wines Selects Kibo Social Proof to Drive Higher Interest From Customers

The Napa-based wine ecommerce retailer experiences a 55% lift in Add-to-Cart rates by creating urgency messaging for specific wines

Kibo, the leader in unified commerce, today announced HALL Wines, a Napa-based winery and online wine retailer, used Social Proof to increase Add-to-Cart (ATC) rates by 55%. HALL Wines combined Social Proof with Dynamic Testing, another component of Monetate, to maximize ROI while learning more about which messages worked best across their different sites. Sharing information about which wines were selling out created a sense of urgency for wine club members, driving added interest and activity online.

“With Social Proof, we are able to notify our customers when their favorite wines are selling out. We can only produce a limited amount of our wine every vintage, so being able to highlight the scarcity of our product increased velocity. It is an invaluable promotion tool for us,” said Mike Hodgson, Director of eCommerce, HALL Wines.

As a high-end wine retailer, HALL Wines has a limited number of levers to drive additional purchases, as discounts can erode brand value over time. Using messaging that notifies customers when wines are selling out or are trending provides a new way to drive increased interest in their products while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

HALL Wines wanted a way to personalize product marketing to the right people to drive more conversions while also keeping customers engaged, knowing that new wines would be made available soon after sellout. Social Proof, used alongside other Kibo capabilities like Dynamic Testing, provided an easy-to-use and flexible environment for HALL Wines, so that they could learn what worked best, maximize performance, and easily expand to the sister sites.

Tests resulted in:

  • 55% increase in ATC rate on the HALL Wines website
  • 80% average lift in ATC on the WALT Wines sister website
  • 5% increase in conversion rate on mobile

“The immediate results that HALL Wines has seen from Social Proof is further validation that Kibo Personalization is the leading personalization platform in the market,” said David Post, CEO, Kibo. “We’re excited to see HALL Wines continue to test and improve its messaging using Kibo Personalization’s innate flexibility, creating just the right amount of demand for its wines, and accelerating commerce success in the process.”

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