Griot’s Garage Upgrades eCommerce Website, Powered by Kibo and DEPLabs

Griot’s Garage Upgrades eCommerce Website, Powered by Kibo and DEPLabs

Design-driven, responsive site has resulted in higher conversion rates, and increased time on site due to more interactive and rich visual content.

DALLAS – June 5, 2018 – Kibo, the world’s leading cloud-based omnichannel commerce platform, today announced that Griot’s Garage, a leading brand of car care products, detailing supplies, and garage accessories for the car care perfectionist, has upgraded its website, powered by Kibo’s leading SaaS-based eCommerce platform and the YourZoom® visual merchandising solution from DEPlabs. Since launch, Griot’s Garage has reported a 10% uptick in conversion rates and a 15% increase in time on site – all due to the improved product resource content that was designed specifically for shoppers to interact with the video and images.

One of the biggest drivers that led Griot’s Garage to upgrade to a newer, more responsive website was the sharp rise in its mobile business in recent years. The website not only needed to support its newfound growth in mobile, but it had to truly capture the brand’s identity and product offerings in a more interactive way.

Kibo’s advanced cloud-based eCommerce platform combined with the YourZoom® visual merchandising solution from DEPlabs allowed Griot’s Garage to create a customized website that could port over to a more responsive, mobile-first site that highlights products in rich, immersive detail while optimizing site performance. The site also includes enhanced navigation that allows shoppers to more easily find educational resources about the retailer’s products, more audacious designs, and new features such as packaging of product families and how-to videos.

“We knew the upgraded website was going to be a big undertaking, so it was important to us to select known technology partners that could help us achieve everything we wanted,” said Dell Plagens, eCommerce Manager, Griot’s Garage. “Our ten-year relationship with Kibo, combined with the fact that we were already working with the DEPlabs team on other initiatives made it an easy decision. We also hired a design agency that interviewed our customers for their input on what they’d like to see on the site – together, all four teams were able to work together and successfully debut a visually appealing, consumer-approved eCommerce site that achieved all our design goals.”

“In today’s retail reality, it is so important for eCommerce websites to give their customers a rich media experience while enhancing overall site speed. We are proud to have helped Griot’s Garage, in partnership with Kibo, increase customer engagement and confidence by creating a website that includes more dynamic and engaging imaging and video,” said Kari Zanotto, SVP Marketing, DEPlabs.

“Griot’s Garage is a unique organization, given that they are an online retailer and branded manufacturer, and needed a unique eCommerce experience. The combination of the Kibo eCommerce platform and the DEPlabs YourZoom® visual merchandising solution has given Griot’s Garage exactly what they wanted and needed,” said Dirk Wakeham, president and COO, Kibo. “We are thrilled to continue working with Griot’s Garage, and look forward to helping them realize even higher conversion rates and time on site numbers.”


About Griot’s Garage

Griot’s Garage has been providing car-care enthusiasts with innovative new detailing products since 1991. Whether you are a novice or an expert, detailing your vehicle’s interior or exterior surfaces, Griot’s Garage has the detailing supplies that you need! Choose from a wide selection of ranging from Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay to Griot’s Garage Speed Shine Detailer to get your vehicle into show car shape. With such a tremendous range of car care products, Griot’s Garage makes it easy to “Have fun in your garage!”


About DEPlabs

DEPlabs understands the complexity of successful eCommerce through working with hundreds of omni-channel merchants and helping them get the most from their eCommerce platform investment. These experience driven development services have spawned the YourZoom visual merchandising platform, the SearchSide content marketing platform, and CM Engage blog toolkit for eCommerce and many other eCommerce platform apps and plugins. For more information, visit

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