eCommerce Replatforming: Step-by-Step Guide for B2B and B2C Companies

Everything you need to know before replatforming your eCommerce system

The task of replatforming is often daunting for B2B and B2C companies. But by choosing the right platform and replatforming strategy, you can ease the complexity of migrating to a new system. For some companies, this may mean choosing a headless or composable architecture, and others may only need to replace specific modules.

In our Replatforming Guide, with contributions from Cognizant, we’ll help you navigate the replatforming process to ensure you’re set up for success.

Download the guide to learn: 

  • The right time to replatform your eCommerce system
  • What to consider before vetting new eCommerce platforms
  • How to determine the right type of platform for your business and customer needs
  • How to calculate the total cost of ownership of a new eCommerce platform