Delivering On The "Anywhere, Anytime" Commerce Promise

Delivering On The “Anywhere, Anytime” Commerce Promise

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Today’s “anywhere, anytime” commerce world has increased the complexity of delivering consistent, customer-centric experiences across all channels.

Watch this fireside chat between Laura Canada‘s Marco Nobert, Forrester‘s Emily Pfeiffer, and Kibo‘s Tim Nelson on how companies can select the best solution to meet their commerce needs, and bridge the glaring gap between the promise of “anywhere, anytime” commerce and its delivery.

This fireside chat covers:

  • Post-pandemic trends and stats (provided by Forrester)
  • How best-in-class order management system fits seamlessly with ecommerce and POS products
  • Order management’s influence on the customer experience
  • How an ongoing partnership with a tech vendor can help bridge the “anywhere, anytime” divide

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