The Only Commerce-First, Composable Order Management Solution

Composable Order Management

The Only Commerce-First, Composable Order Management Solution

Implement Kibo Order Management alongside your existing eCommerce platform with ease.

Kibo OMS Integrations

Expand Your Commerce Capabilities with Kibo Order Management

Kibo integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento), and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Enhance your operational efficiency by integrating pre-built modular order management solutions such as inventory management, order orchestration and routing, omnichannel fulfillment, and customer care.

Kibo Order Management Capabilities

Add, enhance, or replace existing functionalities.

Flexible Fulfillment Options

Use Kibo fulfillment workflows like BOPIS with your commerce checkout.

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Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Display real-time order and fulfillment data on the storefront for transparent customer experiences.

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Data Synchronization

Leverage pre-built integrations with bi-directional data synchronization so data is always up-to-date.

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Order Orchestration & Routing

Manage the distribution network
across all nodes in one place and orchestrate sourcing & routing
with pre-defined, complex logic.

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Call Center & Customer Service

View and edit customer account and order data, track lifetime AOV and more to drive customer satisfaction from a single system.

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Infusing Inventory Data with Search

Enable streamlined data management, dynamic merchandising, and lightning-fast intelligent search results.

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Unmatched Extensibility

Extend your platform to fit your needs.

Build Faster with Comprehensive API Coverage

  • Accelerate your commerce technology strategy with full API coverage.
  • Access a full set of SDKs in various languages to accelerate extensions.
  • Explore pre-built applications through Kibo Marketplaces.
Composable Commerce

Launch Quicker with Pre-Built Integrations

  • Choose from a vast network of 500+ pre-built integrations.
  • Easily integrate with all your commerce solutions, including CRM, payment, PIM, ERP, 3PLs, fraud, and more.

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Capture Insights with Rich Analytics

  • Track and categorize data, including revenue, inventory, orders, and more.
  • Create instant alerts for specific thresholds, such as low stock levels, to update order routing.
  • Connect with BI tools, import/export data, and customize reports.
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to eCommerce Order Management

See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences with a modern, microservices-based, API-first technology-powered eCommerce order management platform. Start delivering complex customer experience and improving operations with Kibo as your partner.

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