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Kibo’s headless solutions free your back-end to enable tech and business teams to work independently to improve processes and design limitless customer touchpoints.

Kibo's Headless Storefront, API and Microservices layers

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Boost Your Headless Time to Value With Kibo Omnichannel Starter Stores and Integrations

  • Rapidly deploy B2B and B2C Omnichannel experiences with Kibo Omnichannel Starter Stores that contain pre-built integrations, workflows and processes to Kibo services
  • Quickly deploy a storefront from scratch with connector kits to popular frameworks such as React Storefront, Vue Storefront, and Next.js Commerce and deployment platforms
  • Integrate with top headless CMS providers through pre-built integrations or use Kibo APIs to integrate existing systems
Image is various headless storefront vendors that Kibo integrates with. Examples include Vue, React, Next, Nuxt.js, Vercel Netlify etc.

Improve Page Performance With Kibo Headless Commerce

With Kibo’s back-end commerce capabilities for headless deployments, City Furniture achieved  greater flexibility and faster load times.

  • Kibo’s microservices-based, API-first architecture, and proper layering ensures each microservice can scale independently, reducing load times and improving response times
  • Kibo’s manages, scales, and hosts extensions in the same data center as core commerce capabilities eliminating the risk of latency from API calls to customizations.

Compose without Compromise

Headless is Freedom for the Backend

  • Leverage the host of business-centric modules, commerce microservices, and flexible APIs to create seamless experiences that meet modern shoppers’ needs
  • With modular packaging and deployment, you have the freedom to buy the technology you need now, eliminating the risk of tech bloat and vendor lock-in
  • Gain quicker time to market with pre-built integrations to leading personalization vendors and content management solutions

Check Out Kibo’s Composable Commerce

Image shows the kibo architecture of products, modules and underlying microservices.

The customers really benefited when we went headless with Kibo.

Our page speeds have improved. Using Google Lighthouse scores, we went from about a 40 score all the way to a 90 score. Not only did we realize performance improvements, but accessibility improvements for people who traditionally have had a challenge using websites. Our SEO has improved tremendously as well. These are all things the customer enjoys. 

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware

Headless Search Experiences Powered by Unified Data

Kibo is the only core commerce vendor with that unifies data across backend commerce technologies to power rich frontend experiences:

  • Kibo Search makes it easy to aggregate data from across systems to a shared data model and single user interface
  • Deliver rich experiences like filtering products of a certain category by what is currently available in the nearest store
  • Manage unique site search strategies across multiple websites from a single user interface and master catalog

Learn How Kibo Simplifies Site Search

Build Better Commerce

Start With a Solid Foundation

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We didn’t want to be forced into a headless monolith where we are stuck paying for the entire platform and only using parts of it.

We were already headless and had a CMS, and a homegrown PIM that we wanted to keep. We were looking for a modular solution we could pick and choose only the components we needed, and we found that in Kibo.

Juan Lopez
Director of Software Product Development,City Furniture
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.

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