Develop Highly Customized Shopping Experiences With Microservices

With Kibo’s microservices-based architecture, you can start with the products, services, and capabilities you need today, knowing that with us, you’ll easily be able to evolve your capabilities tomorrow.

Leverage only the advanced commerce capabilities that make sense for your business.

Advantages Of Microservices

Built On A Highly Extensible Framework
Roll Out Programs In A Modular Fashion

The Kibo platform boasts a collection of diverse applications that leverage the Kibo microservice API to augment or enhance the power of the Kibo platform.

Our modern architecture enables the Kibo platform to be leveraged, extended, and adapted to meet the unique needs of any retailer, brand, manufacturer, or distributor.


Shared Services Across All Products

All products built in the Kibo Unified Commerce Platform share the same set of microservices.

For example, the product and catalog services are shared across Kibo Personalization, Kibo B2B and B2C Ecommerce, Kibo Order Management, and Kibo POS products.

Build Custom Applications

The Kibo microservice REST API is the primary interface that connects the pieces of the Kibo platform together, and the primary tool that allows developers to build custom Kibo applications.

The API provides a multitude of resources that give you access to nearly every aspect of the Kibo experience.

Kibo’s complete microservices and API documentation is available in Kibo’s digital library.