Machine Learning At Our Core

Whether you’re focused on digital commerce, marketing, or omnichannel experiences, machine learning is an invaluable part of the modern commerce toolkit that helps you drive loyalty, conversion, and revenue.

Patented machine learning underpins the entire Kibo Unified Commerce Platform, so you can build and deliver winning experiences smarter and faster than ever.

Intelligent Commerce

Using Context to Drive Results

Our AI-driven experiences leverage input signals to derive outputs. In order to power our multi-armed bandit and random forest algorithms, we leverage 30+ variables to learn faster and deliver the best results, including:

Current Session Behavior

Past Behavior

Weather & Geography

Time of Day

Device & Technographics

Online, Offline & POS Transactions

A Leader With Patented Technology

Kibo’s machine learning algorithms and tools are built on the technology from the leader in AI-driven personalization, Monetate. We own multiple patents for predicting human behavior based on data, including:

Universal system and method for representing and predicting human behavior (Patent Number US 8,566,256)

System and method for quantifying and detecting non-normative behavior (Patent Number US 8,788,445)

Extracting predictive segments from sampled data (Patent Number US 9,147,159)

Machine Learning

Limitless Personalization

From content and product recommendations to individualized experiences, Kibo’s machine learning helps you understand what customers prefer and automatically improves and adapts the customer experience for enhanced satisfaction engagement, and conversion over time.