Adapt To Shifting Demand With Headless Commerce

Kibo allows front-end and back-end communication while providing the tools both developers and marketing teams need to handle their side of the business.

Kibo Headless eCommerce is built API-first and on a microservices model that supports headless commerce strategies while also giving your digital commerce teams the choice of a best-in-class front-end.

Headless Commerce

What Is Headless?

Headless commerce is a digital commerce strategy and platform architecture that decouples your digital platform’s front-end (what your customers and store associates see) from the back-end (where the data live and transactions occur).

This allows your developers the freedom to create custom shopping experiences across cutting-edge channels like voice assistants, wearables, and smart appliances as well as more traditional channels, like social media, text, marketplaces, call centers, and more.

The Advantages Of Going Headless

Client Case Study

AMMEX, a manufacturer of disposable gloves used by hospital workers, implemented Kibo’s headless commerce system in order to support increased online ordering. The modern, extensible technology is designed so that changes in site volume would not disrupt the customer experience in any way. When COVID-19 hit, AMMEX experienced a dramatic increase in online traffic. Their site never slowed down and their inventory availability, ordering, and checkout worked seamlessly.

Spike In Online Traffic

During the height of COVID, AMMEX was able to meet a 8X spike in demand, as essential workers shopped for PPE, with no degradation in performance in order processing or site performance.

Headless Commerce

Chip Away At Your Technical Debt

Some retailers “go headless” because they want to add robust, customized CMS-driven experiences. Others pursue headless as a step on a larger path of digital transformation. These companies are carrying along technical debt—like legacy platforms—that has accumulated over years. For these retailers, decoupling the front and back-ends of their stack is a less disruptive option than a full replatforming.

If this sounds familiar, then Kibo can help you transform your business and tech stack incrementally, by securely integrating with and connecting your various technologies.

Rather than contending with a full rip-and-replace, with headless you can gradually ease into the digital transformation.

Headless Commerce

Give Your Non-Technical Teams the Power of Headless Commerce

Traditional headless commerce makes non-technical teams entirely dependent on developers, however Kibo’s hybrid API platform allows non-technical teams to take control.