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Our cloud-native commerce platform uses an API-first, microservices-based architecture to provide flexibility, extensibility, and scalability to meet your business needs.

Unlike other monolithic commerce platforms with a bolted-on API layer to allow for simplified integration, Kibo’s commerce platform was born in the cloud and built from the ground up by leveraging a microservices architecture.



Modern cloud platforms are multi-tenant and version-less in nature. What this means is when Kibo deploys upgrades to the commerce platform, all clients get those capabilities instantly. Multi-tenancy also ensures that our clients are running on exactly the same version, gaining any innovations and improvements Kibo delivers.



Our architectural approach allows each of our microservices to be continuously updated with capabilities independently of other services. This allows our clients to constantly consume Kibo innovations and improvements without any upgrade cycles.



Each of the microservices are independently deployed and scaled by leveraging the industry standard Kubernetes platform. This allows each service to scale depending on the load the specific service receives, without any manual intervention. This frees our clients from having to worry about planning promotions or other events around infrastructure availability with us.


Global Deployments

We leverage the public cloud infrastructure to deploy our platform across the globe to allow optimal response times for our clients and their customers. This also allows Kibo to adhere to the global data privacy requirements based on the jurisdiction of our clients. Since we are containerized and our deployments are automated, all platform innovations and improvements are available immediately across the globe.


High Availability

Public cloud infrastructure allows us to deploy our commerce platform across multiple regions and multiple availability zones. This allows are all of our services to be highly available across multiple physical data centers, ensuring smooth operations even under catastrophic failure of underlying infrastructure.


Infrastructure Isolation

Unlike traditional multi-tenant platforms, our commerce platform also allows for several forms of infrastructure isolation. This allows clients to deploy their solutions in a truly multi-tenant way with the advantages of isolated infrastructure that a single-tenant architecture provides.