Kibo Unified Commerce

Kibo is the only extensible, unified commerce platform that delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences.

Our platform’s underlying technology powers our unified commerce solutions, across B2C and B2B ecommerce, order management, and personalization. Join the 1,000+ brands growing their revenue with Kibo.

Unified Commerce Platform

What Is Unified Commerce? Transforming From Omnichannel to Unified Commerce

Unified commerce is built from the ground up with the customer in mind.

Unified Commerce isn’t hampered by the shortcomings of omnichannel systems. With unified, companies can deliver the seamless customer experience shoppers expect.

A Unified Commerce Platform helps you:

  • Respond to market forces with speed and precision
  • Source a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Deliver industry-leading shopper journeys
  • Centralize your commerce technologies
  • Herald the future of retail

Unified Commerce Solutions Centralize Your Commerce

Centralize your strategy, increase agility, and gain valuable customer insights that maximize ROI with our unified platform. Our end-to-end commerce product combines AI-driven personalization from industry leader Monetate, omnichannel commerce, and enterprise order management.

Elizabeth Ragone, VP of Ecommerce, Boscov’s Department Store Customer Testimonial

“What was really appealing to us was knowing that the releases would be released regularly, and we would benefit from the updates that all the customers were looking for and that Kibo had deemed important in the space.”


Innovate Faster With Cloud CommerceBuilt As An API-First Platform

Meet Growth Goals and Customer Expectations

The Kibo Unified Commerce Platform is built using an API-first approach, allowing seamless integration with critical retail systems such as CRM, CMS, ERP, and warehouse management system (WMS).

The true power of our platform is the agility it provides retailers who can quickly discover new areas of opportunity, resulting in global growth.


Evolve At Your Own PaceRemain Adaptable With Microservices

Roll Out Capabilities In Modular Fashion

With Kibo’s microservices-based architecture, you can start with the products, services, and capabilities you need today, knowing that with us, you’ll easily be able to evolve your capabilities tomorrow.



Extensible and Developer-Friendly

The Kibo Unified Commerce Platform boasts a collection of diverse applications that leverage the Kibo microservice API to augment or enhance the power of the platform.

  • Kibo Import-Export Application

    The Import-Export application is the primary tool for transferring data such as catalogs, customers, and orders to and from your Kibo tenant. This application is perfect for migrating data to your first Kibo catalog, storefront, or fulfillment account or for batch updating existing data.

  • Kibo Platform Marketplace

    The Marketplace provides free and paid applications that extend the power of Kibo by integrating with third-party services, such as fraud detection services, review platforms, third-party payment providers, email marketing systems, and more.

  • Custom Applications

    Kibo allows you to create your own applications, so you can extend the functionality of Kibo to meet your exact use case.

Unified Commerce Platform

Adapt To Shifting Demand
Headless Commerce

Kibo’s Unified Commerce Platform is built API-first and on a microservices model that supports headless commerce strategies while also giving your digital commerce teams a best-in-class front-end.


Dev Center Capabilities

Manage application packages and versions, install them to sandboxes, add behaviors (permissions the application can perform), assign events to listen to, view application assets, and more.

Manage theme packages and versions, install them to sandboxes, view assets, and more

View, edit, create, or delete production sandboxes and tenants

View system and application logs

Manage Dev Center users



API Extensions as a Service is a development framework built on the V8 Javascript runtime that allows server-side JavaScript applications to execute on the Kibo platform. With API Extensions as a Service, you can make deep changes to the Kibo platform by manipulating API operations through the HTTP request-response protocol or by interacting directly with underlying Kibo microservices.

API Extensions as a Service is made up of actions that correspond to Kibo operations or microservices. Each action runs a function that you program in Node.js to achieve your custom functionality.

HTTP Actions

These actions occur before and after an API operation executes. They can be used to modify the request or response associated with the operation. HTTP actions also include storefront HTTP actions, which run before or after a shopper requests a specific page on your Kibo storefront.

Embedded Actions

These actions are embedded in Kibo microservice operations. They might, for example, provide you access to the microservice that manages orders, or the microservice that manages carts. In addition to providing read access to the microservice object, these actions provide special methods that allow you to manipulate the microservice object in predetermined ways.

Kibo SDKs

The Kibo eCommerce SDKs enable you to create robust Kibo eCommerce applications using the platform and development environment of your choice. The SDKs expose the complete functionality of the Kibo eCommerce REST API and include additional enhancements that improve your productivity and get your product out the door faster.

Deliver Personalized, Omnichannel Experiences

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