Real-Time Individualization™ Solution

Next Generation Website Personalization Software To Individualize Your Customer Experiences

Deliver Individualized, Connected Experiences to Each Customer Across Any Touchpoint

Personalization software for creating 1:1 personalization across sessions, devices, and touchpoints using predictive, big data technology – resulting in increased conversion and order sizes.

Smarter Approach to Personalization Software

The Kibo Real-Time Individualization (RTI™) solution utilizes a Customer Experience Profile (CXP) which goes beyond broad segmentation by collecting real-time customer experience data across sessions, devices, and touchpoints – creating an online data hub. Kibo’s patented machine learning engine uncovers customer preferences and turns data into actionable outputs resulting in connected, personal experiences for your customers. It’s the only website personalization software combining disparate data points to create targeted personalized promotions, content, and product recommendations.

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Kibo’s Streaming Data Module processes data across browsing behavior, purchases, customer preferences, and customer attributes every few seconds
  • Big Data Machine Learning: Combines layers of algorithms with the online data hub to create a composite framework delivering stronger, more meaningful results
  • 1:1 Individualized Algorithms: Automatically derives individual algorithms for creating a unique buying experience for each customer
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True 1:1 Experiences Across Any Touchpoint

Relevant content is proven to work. With Kibo’s personalization software, your teams deliver engaging, consistent experiences no matter how customers choose to interact. Whether you are looking to dynamically control your hero carousel or use geography-based promotions, Kibo has you covered. Connect your brand with the customer through 1:1 individualized content at each moment of interaction – across any device, session and channel.

  • Email Promotions and Campaigns: Embed personalized content and product recommendations in emails to dramatically increase response rates
  • Website, Product, and Landing Pages: Deliver site-wide personalization to improve navigation, click through rates, engagement and customer loyalty
  • Personalized Product Recommendations: Designed for dynamic personalization, high-volume eCommerce environments, Kibo RTI delivers a personalized recommendation to shoppers
  • In-store: Revolutionize your in-store experience by equipping your associates with personalized content to engage, convert, and up-sell shoppers
  • Mobile Sites and Apps: Support consistent, engaging experiences across mobile sites and native apps

Advanced Merchandising. Simplified.

The Kibo Real-Time Individualization solution provides tools online marketers and merchandisers need to turn domain knowledge into personalized advanced merchandising strategies. Out-of-the-box options help your teams work smarter and efficiently.

  • Work Smarter: Automatically personalize experiences based on purchase history, known attributes, segments, or inferred segments to create effective cross-sells and up-sells campaigns
  • Complete the Look: Create outfits or bundles of items that go together allowing your teams to leverage their domain knowledge
  • Pinning and Blacklists: Become the agile seller by pinning items or categories together or completely removing items from being shown based on popularity, trends, or market conditions
  • Real-time Preview: See exactly what items will be displayed in a particular situation based on item context, search terms or customer attributes – before you go live
  • Optimized Category Sort: Category content is dynamically re-ordered for each customer based on real-time segments, behavior and context
  • Buy It Again and Real-Time Trending: Backed by machine learning and real-time personalization data, recommend the most relevant content to your customers when they are most likely to buy – further increasing their likelihood to convert
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Get Real Results

Personalized content influences 85% of consumers to complete a purchase. Whether you are looking to personalize your website homepage, product pages, shopping cart, or loyalty discounts, Kibo personalization software has been proven to drive real results.

  • Boost Average Order Value (AOV): Kibo Real-Time Individualization customers experience up to 48% increase in average order sizes by anticipating a customer’s next purchase and actively promote items
  • Improve Conversion Rate: Improve conversion rates by up to 400% through efficient use of personalized content and experiences

Learn how to start delivering connected, personalized customer experiences today.

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