2018 Digital Transformation Tech Study


Big opportunities and strong headwinds accelerate the pace of unified commerce and digital transformation.

77% of retailers did not achieve the average gain recorded for the overall industry in 2017. They either went backwards, stayed the same, or registered a sub-par increase.

For this group a warning shot was fired across the bow. This dramatic wake up call demonstrates the retail landscape is splitting into just a few leaders and many laggards. It also signals the time to act is now, i.e. time to fix long broken processes, legacy technologies, and choke points that stifle opportunities. It is time to invest in advanced capabilities, test new concepts and explore emerging innovations.

Delaying projects, half steps, work-arounds, following in safe footsteps — those days are over. Instead, smart retailers must manage their IT budgets to get closer to customers to drive sales, improve productivity to drive profits, and invest in projects that deliver ROI.

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