Quick Wins to Maximise Conversion Post-COVID

Watch as our hosts, Paul Knutton, Global Consulting Practice Director at Monetate, Kerry Meehan, Senior Strategy Consultant at Monetate, and Dave Chaffey, Co-Founder & Content Director for Smart Insights, cover:

  • CRO findings pulled from across 900 leading brands
  • Quick wins, from landing to checkout, built for the current environment
  • How to prepare for a future of evolving customer expectations:

    • Better yield from media
    • Reduced bounce rate
    • More engagement
    • More conversion
    • Higher AOV
    • More repeat business

It’s never been more important to make the most out of each customer visit. Through utilizing quick wins that drive users down the funnel through Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), brands can generate returns across acquisition channels, even in these challenging times.

Join Monetate, the personalization vendor for the world’s best brands, and Smart Insights, a digital marketing and tech consultancy, for a 60-minute webinar. After May 14th, you’ll be holding a quick-win strategy for success, spanning the customer journey from landing to lifetime value.

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