An Analysis of Billions of Customer Sessions

Q2 2022 Ecommerce Quarterly Benchmarks Report

The Q2 2022 Ecommerce Quarterly Benchmarks report helps retailers assess how their own KPIs stack up against their peers across metrics like:

  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Page Views
  • Cart
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value

This eCommerce benchmarks report includes Q2 YoY percentage changes, and regional data across the United States, Great Britain, EMEA, and Other.



4 Key Findings From The Report

  • In Q2 2022, despite a decrease in shoppers using tablets, mobile shopping continues to drive most traffic, 68% overall.
  • Bounce rates are up slightly, by 4% over Q1 2022 and by 5% over the past 12 months. This increase in bounce rate is most pronounced in Asia/Africa/Latin America, which saw a 7% increase in bounce rate over the past year.

  • Conversion rates are down by 8% over the past 12 months. However, QoQ we see slight gains in conversion rates across all regions.

  • The greatest increase in AOV over the past 12 months came from Social channels, illustrating the growing role of social commerce in retail.

For the full findings, download the report.