Personalizing Your Order Management Strategy in the COVID-19 Era: Use Cases and Insights for Success

As COVID-19 continues to thwart most business plans and process, companies are forced to quickly rethink their order management strategy.

Watch this webinar to hear from Kibo product experts on how the combination of customization and personalization within your order management solution can make all the difference when it comes to customer experience, conversion optimization, and overall business operations.

  • Learn how Kibo Order Management System can help with understanding inventory awareness, even when dealing with disparate systems enabling agility in the COVID-19 era
  • Understand the process for successfully launching and facilitating in-store pickup, no matter the size or maturity of your business
  • Determine the right order management KPIs to track to ensure growth
  • See the Kibo Order Management solution in action and how these use cases can be set up

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