CPG Guide

CPG Trends Guide

How Brands Can Respond to New CPG Trends and Challenges

Our CPG Guide provides a bundle of responses Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and soft goods brands can use to meet new CPG trends in customer behavior and maximize personalized customer experiences—come what may.

As the crisis evolves into a longer term social distancing pattern, CPG and soft goods brands have an opportunity to review the main challenges they’ve faced in the past few months and forge a better path forward with this downloadable resource.

Formatted in a challenge-response style, the guide provides CPG marketers with four ways they can add incremental value across the customer lifecycle through the use of personalization.

Download to learn how to respond to:

  • On-premise sales declines
  • Fewer opportunities to engage customers in-store
  • Backseat messaging
  • A sudden influx in online demand

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