Connected Consumers Whitepaper

Learn how to close the content and commerce gap to fulfill the promise of connecting your consumers with your brand credibility.

Connected Consumers: The Convergence of Content and Commerce

The sales rules have changed and consumers are looking for new ways to learn about your products – specifically through informational, value-add content. Today’s Connected Consumers buy from and build loyalties with businesses that nurture emotional connection and anticipate their personal preferences.

Unfortunately, a complicated relationship between content and commerce exists in retail today, including business silos, limited collaboration, separate teams and separate tools. In this eBook, learn how to close the content + commerce gap and produce a consistent experience for both consumers as well as business users, fulfilling the promise of connection and brand credibility.



“The complicated content and commerce relationship has created “inconsistent customer experiences, disconnected business processes and goals, and the inability to realize clear customer insights. Consumers bear the brunt of this divide, suffering as a result of message integrations on the front and/or back ends.”
-Forrester Research

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Angela FausoneConnected Consumers eBook