Giving Customers What They Want: Unified Commerce

Presented by BRP Consulting

Over half of consumers indicate they are more likely to shop at a retailer that allows them to have a shared cart across channels instead of a retailer that does not offer this service. Only 7% of retailers offer this shared cart concept – that’s a huge gap that retailers are struggling to bridge. Today’s retail model must venture beyond omni-channel to break down the walls between internal channel silos and leverage a common commerce platform to deliver a holistic, real-time, personal, seamless experience.

Check out this webinar, in partnership with Boston Retail Partners, as BRP Consulting Director, Jonathan Portney discusses the 2019 Unified Commerce Survey. Discover the forces affecting the retail industry, the opportunities available for retailers, and the future of retail.

You’ll Learn:

  • The challenges facing all retailers in 2019. You are not alone!
  • How successful retailers are meeting these challenges by consolidating their sales channels.
  • The role that personalization plays in an omnichannel retail strategy.

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