3 Steps to Contextually Relevant Merchandising

Shoppers expect merchants to present them with products and offers that are tailor-made to their needs in the moment.

Retailers who can address consumers’ needs with relevant merchandising in the moment with the right assortment of products and offers stand to boost engagement, win sales, and earn shoppers’ long-term loyalty. In this paper, learn how to harness relevant merchandising big data to deliver individualized, one-to-one online selling experiences, including:

  • Go visual with product discovery
  • Unleash big data to fine tune selections
  • Entice shoppers with “segment of one” discounts


“Fully 94 percent of consumers report discontinuing relationships with merchants because of irrelevant promotions. And with so many online competitors vying for consumers’ attention, shoppers have little incentive to stick with sellers who have missed the mark.”

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