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2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers

Rankings, Data & Analysis of the Top eCommerce Technology Providers from Digital Commerce 360

As technology evolves and more shoppers are spending their dollars online amid the lingering pandemic, retailers are seeing the benefits of utilizing the services of a vendor rather than running all parts of their ecommerce operations themselves.

The 2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Report, brought to you by Digital Commerce 360 and reflecting real-life feedback of the top 1000 retailers, explains rankings for personalization and other tools, with exclusive data, market research and case studies. The data-driven report is designed to give readers an overview of the ecommerce vendor market today, based on real findings from their peers

What’s included in the report summary:

  • Data from an exclusive survey of retailers about their vendors and technology plans
  • Charts on trends and data within the ecommerce vendor landscape
  • A full breakdown of Kibo personalization solution, including why we are ranked #1
  • An executive Q&A feature with Meyar Shiek, Chief Commerce Officer & President of Kibo

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