Kibo Announces AdLink to Personalize the Post-Click Experience

Kibo Announces AdLink to Personalize the Post-Click Experience

Kibo’s Monetate Connects Targeted Advertising with Personalized Marketing

Dallas, TX (June 24, 2020) – Kibo, a leader in cloud commerce, announced the release of AdLink, a new audience creation tool that enables marketers to efficiently personalize the onsite experience for traffic from paid media campaigns. With personalization from Monetate, Kibo empowers retailers to break down traditional silos between marketing and advertising and bridge the gap between the pre- and post-click experiences for consumers. By managing these two sections of the customer journey with Monetate, consumers are more likely to remain engaged and more likely to convert post-click.

“We’re excited to deliver personalization technologies that create a seamless and holistic customer experience, connecting advertising and marketing. Said Ram Venkataraman, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Kibo. “With personalization from Monetate, Kibo can help retailers scale easily and improve return on ad spend.”

Too often, a well targeted advertisement leads a consumer to a web experience that is totally disconnected from the advertising message. As a result, according to Forbes the average conversion rate for PPC ads is less than 4%, meaning over 95% of ad budget is wasted after the click. In addition, the IAB recently found that 82% of advertisers had either adjusted or paused advertising spend in late April. Retailers looking to take advantage of the increases in demand as the economy slowly recovers want to maximize their ad spend ROI.

AdLink pulls data from paid advertising sources into the Monetate platform and enables marketers to create and target audiences for personalized post-click experiences across the site. By keeping already interested consumers engaged with a relevant post-click journey, retailers will be able to deliver more performance per ad dollar spent.

“Our clients use our personalization technology in a number of different ways, but one consistent use case for marketers is the ability to provide a consistent and personalized customer journey. With AdLink we are excited to give marketers an easier and more scalable way to connect their acquisition efforts to their onsite conversion efforts to drive true end-to-end campaign optimization,” said Ram Venkataraman, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Kibo.

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