Kibo’s Quarterly eCommerce Performance Index™ Measures Consumer Adoption of Technologies

Retailer Revenues Attributed to Social Traffic Increase +138%; Revenues from Social Shoppers on Smartphones Increase +247%

Dallas, Texas (February 3, 2016) Kibo, the world’s leading Cloud­ based unified omnichannel commerce platform, today announced the results of its latest eCommerce Performance Index™report, which measures the real­ world buying behaviors of millions of consumers shopping online.

The index report uncovered a major retail trend that emerged during 2015: consumers’ rabid adoption of technologies to help them shop.

Kibo eCommerce customers saw double­ digit and triple­ digit uptake in social referral traffic, purchases from mobile phones, and revenues from cross­ channel merchandizing when compared to metrics from 2014. Coupled with the results of Kibo’s eCommerce consumer survey in Q4, the trend is clear that consumers are adopting technologies that help them shop more conveniently and efficiently. What a difference a year makes!


Below are some highlights from the latest Performance Index report:

2014­ – 2015 FULL­ YEAR COMPARISONS: ­

  • Traffic increases from smartphones users:
    • +43% for the year
    • +54% for the Q4 holiday season
    • +236% for social traffic originating from smartphones ­
  • Revenue increases from smartphones users:
    • +92% for the year
    • +75% for the Q4 holiday season
    • +247% for revenue attributed to social traffic originating from smartphones ­
  • Revenue attributed to social traffic overall: +138% ­
  • Facebook now accounts for 54% of all social traffic, and 71% of all social revenue ­
  • Beauty & Health retailers saw online traffic increase +46.8% (more than 3x the overall index of +13.5%) ­
  • Brick & Mortar retailers saw online revenue rise +15.4% ­
  • Average Order Value for an online transaction (all categories) is now $163.87


Q4’14­ – Q4’15 COMPARISONS (YOY): ­

  • Traffic increase from smartphone users during Q4/holiday shopping season: +54% overall and +288% for social traffic originating from smartphones ­
  • Revenue increase from smartphone users during Q4/holiday shopping season: +75% overall and +479% for revenue attributed to social traffic originating from smartphones ­ Revenue share attributed to social traffic coming from smartphone during Q4/holiday shopping season: +107% ­
  • Brick & Mortar category saw Q4 online revenue climb +19.0%



  • 78% of shoppers are likely to visit a store as a result of a text promotion or alert via mobile device ­
  • 55% of shoppers are now comfortable with sharing their preferences with retailers in exchange for convenience and personalized product recommendations


“Considering the pervasiveness of smartphones and mobile devices in our everyday lives, these mobile and social trends are right on target with how we, as consumers, prefer to shop,” said Kenneth Frank, CEO, Kibo. “The key for retailers is to ensure that they have the technology in place to keep up with shoppers’ digital demands.”


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The Kibo eCommerce Performance Index Vol. 31 was produced by analyzing aggregated, anonymized U.S. traffic and revenue data from Kibo’s eCommerce customers whose retail websites have continuously reported data from at least October 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.

The eCommerce Performance Index results are broken out by six different retail sectors and key performance metrics including social commerce, paid vs. organic search, average customer visits, average order size, conversion rates, and more. The report also tracks path to purchase, cart abandonment data and offers online retailing tips and best practices based on the real­ world buying behavior of millions of online consumers.

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