Intelligently personalized recommendations Personalized Recommendations

Delight customers with manually-curated or algorithmically-driven recommendations across even the most complex product catalogs.

Monetate automates personalized recommendations at scale without sacrificing any of the control you require. Our proprietary algorithms know what to serve each individual shopper to maximize brand value, while still allowing the control of an unlimited number of business guardrails that you define.

Scale, automate, and test recommendations while staying in control

There’s no tradeoff between recommendations and they scale across all channels, including email. Stay in control by quickly updating the look, styling, and positioning to test variations.

Personalized Recommendations

Curate a personal shopping experience

Leverage the AI in Monetate’s decisioning engine to understand all of a shopper’s contextual attributes and make decisions about what recommendation strategies are most relevant to each individual person.

Smart product badging for higher conversions

Highlight products or offers based on weather, ratings, inventory status, or any other feature or data point. Monetate’s badges can also dynamically target visitors based on audience segmentation, instantly delivering a graphic or message to drive increased engagement.