Testing & Experimentation

Eliminate guesswork and boost ROI with controlled testing and segmentation of creative, recommendations, messages, UI changes, and more.

Launch experiments quickly as A/B, multivariate, and dynamic tests—across all of your channels.

Make Data-Driven Decisions & Deliver Results

“Not only did we see significant uplifts in conversion and engagement, but we also gained useful customer insights that will inform our decision making in future campaigns.”
— Natalie Ong, Online Merchandising at JoJo Maman Bébé

Testing & Experimentation


Testing is the backbone of any successful ecommerce strategy. With Kibo, you can easily launch AB, ABn and multivariate tests as well as more advanced Dynamic Tests using our machine learning-powered decisioning engine.

Dynamic Tests analyze experience results in real time and automatically allocate more traffic to the winner. No waiting to reach significance; no resource-intensive manual monitoring. Test new messages and incremental changes to all visitors, or to defined segments with less risk, using automation to adjust variant distribution and downplay low performers.

Testing & Experimentation


Push experiences across all of your channels. We mean everywhere—Kibo’s Engine API allows you to test, personalize, or recommend products in-store, online, via email, in the call center and on mobile applications. Leverage data coordinated across touch points to create experiences that deliver a consistent brand experience.

Giving You the Tools to Easily Optimize & Segment

Testing & Experimentation

Built for Marketers, Architected for Developers

Kibo gives Marketers the power to easily create engaging and immersive customer experiences that increase conversions and revenue. The intuitive UI is built on a modern architecture that deploys easily in all environments, including client-side, server-side, and single-page applications such as React or Angular.