With Kibo, you can deliver powerful yet highly customizable Social Proof experiences from within the easy-to-use Kibo Personalization UI.

Engage shoppers with well-placed messaging that nudges them down the funnel.

Join the 1,000+ brands growing their revenue with Kibo.

Social Proof

Social Proof With Kibo

Easily customize, test, personalize and deliver optimal social proof messaging from within a single platform.

  • Create social proof strategies using views and purchase data over select lookback periods
  • Apply strategies into social proof actions using the power of Kibo experiences
  • Using Kibo’s powerful testing capabilities, test social proof actions against the status quo and validate lift

Customer Case Study

Social Proof was an immediate success for Toolstation, one of Europe’s largest trade & DIY hardware brands, after implementing it during a busy holiday season. Toolstation was able to implement the technology into their digital channels in less than five minutes. And saw 30X ROI from its implementation.

From Implementation

Social Proof technology dramatically improved ecommerce performance for us, driving a 2.2% uplift in conversion and 30x ROI.

Social Proof

Fully Customizable & Responsive

Modify the look and feel or the strategies behind social proof messages to keep with brand and merchandising guidelines.

  • Customize the HTML and CSS to dictate the look, feel, and placement of your messaging
  • Choose from a selection of different social proof strategies and look-back periods
Social Proof

Easy to Test & Personalize

Validate decisions, optimize lift, and lean on AI to deliver hyper-relevant customer experiences.

  • Easily AB, ABn, MVT or use Dynamic Tests to iterate and optimize your Social Proof messaging
  • Deliver messages to defined segments, or lean on AI and use Automated Personalization
Social Proof

All-In-One Solution

Test, recommend, personalize, and deliver social proof messaging from within a powerful single UI. A single UI provides everything you need to engage your customers and deliver serious results:

  • Agility
  • Testing
  • Merchandising
  • Personalization
  • Social Proof

Why Social Proof?

Personalized Social Proof Experiences

Enhance your personalization strategy with the power of scarcity messaging and FOMO marketing.

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