Comprehensive omnichannel personalization software powered by machine learning to deliver individualized customer experiences across any touchpoint


Personalize Every Facet of Your Website

Capture customer attention by integrating personalized product recommendations, content, and offers throughout your entire website – including homepage, landing pages, category pages, and product pages.

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Engage Mobile Users With Personalization

Extend personalization to shoppers on-the-go with contextually relevant product recommendations on mobile sites and apps for complete omnichannel coverage.

Create pervasive experiences across mobile devices and sessions to increase conversions and engagement.

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Engage in-store foot traffic with personalized recommendations based on online and offline buying intent

Personalize In-Store Experiences

Revolutionize your in-store experiences with personalized recommendations to engage, convert, and up-sell shoppers.

Enable in-store associates with comprehensive customer data on recent purchases, browsing history, and purchasing intent to make individualized product recommendations.

Enhance omnichannel fulfillment strategies like buy online pick-up in-store (BOPIS), ship-to-store, and return-to-store with personalized recommendations during interactions with in-store associates.

Enhance Your In-Store Experience

Personalize Your Call Center Interactions

Integrate predictive recommendations into sales, returns, or customer service calls by empowering representatives with rich customer data.

Highlight relevant products based on website browsing, preferences, and recent purchases.

Create engaging experiences for each shopper based on their individual needs.

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Personalizing emails is easy with Kibo’s self-service console.

Rise Above the Noise with Personalized Email

Make every email count with personalized emails and personalized retargeting to rise above the noise with relevant, optimized content.

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The personalization strategy has increased online sales by 8-10% in a year.