Tailor Personalized Product Discovery in Real-Time Based of Individual Behaviors

Help customers find the right product by recommending trending and most popular products by their demographic segment

Product Recommendations

All recommendations are not created equal. 64% of consumers are influenced to make a purchase when recommendations are based on personal preferences. 

Leverage over a dozen strategies in Kibo’s personalization engine to expose the best product recommendation for each individual.

Quickly engage users with personalized product discovery algorithms.

Individualized Product Finder

Reduce search time with personalized product discovery

Quickly engage users by leveraging explorations-based algorithms and engagement behavior matrices to rapidly learn preferences and surface the most relevant product recommendations for each individual

Predict Intent - Accurately

Accurate product discovery has the power to engage customers and drive conversion rates higher.

Kibo’s personalization engine leverages intent-based algorithms to predict an individual’s preferences to surface relevant content and product recommendations – eliminating product discovery friction during the buying journey

Leverage customer intent data to predict your customer's next purchase

The personalization strategy has increased online sales by 8-10% in a year.



Experience the Kibo Difference

Kibo empowers retailers and branded manufacturers to achieve optimal performance of B2C and B2B commerce through unified consumer experiences. With over 40 years of innovations, Kibo provides a complete omnichannel commerce platform by leveraging cloud technologies, individualized buying experiences, and true enterprise scale. Kibo enables you to reach higher peaks of sales and consumer loyalty. No matter the challenge, Kibo powers your success.

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