Deploy Revenue Driving Strategies with Dynamic Advanced Merchandising

Intuitive console enables boost and bury strategies to drive revenue optimized programs

Boost and Bury

Proactively promote or demote products within a personalized result set based on business goals, brand placement strategies, or active promotions.

Dynamic Template Routing

Drive engagement by automatically routing visitors to specific page templates designed to convert each unique individual based on their browsing behavior or previous purchases.

Uplift website conversion by showcasing product recommendations

Flexible Real-Time Filters

Utilize real-time information about context, product, and individual customer to filter items to be displayed, matched, or excluded based on specific attributes.

Pinning and Blacklisting

Direct customers to preferred or higher converting products and content by placing or excluding specific items in locations across the entire website to bolster revenue.

Personalize site navigation with on page recommendations.


Create seamless experiences by helping “complete the look.” Recommend and promote products that are typically configured, purchased, or used together.

Unlimited A/B Testing

Automatically identify the best performing algorithm for any given situation, reducing time to revenue. With personalized advanced merchandising, take complete control of A/B testing through an intuitive self-service console and leverage unlimited combinations, test metric options, and robust reporting to maximize results.

Allow merchandisers to run their A/B testing on promotions, recommendations, and content to drive conversion rates higher

The personalization strategy has increased online sales by 8-10% in a year.



Experience the Kibo Difference

Kibo Empowers retailers and branded manufacturers to achieve optimal performance of B2C and B2B commerce through unified consumer experiences. With over 40 years of innovations, Kibo provides a complete omnichannel commerce platform by leveraging cloud technologies, individualized buying experiences, and true enterprise scale. Kibo enables you to reach higher peaks of sales and consumer loyalty. No matter the challenge, Kibo powers your success.

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