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Server-Side Testing: Marketing Agility With IT Control

Kibo Personalization, powered by Monetate and Certona, enables powerful testing, recommendations, personalization, and feature flags to allow marketing, product, and IT to work in unison.

Use client-side testing for agility while taking advantage of server-side decisioning for more heavyweight tests, feature flags and to do true personalization without flicker.

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Client Case StudyTravelodge Drives 15X ROI With Server-Side Testing

When British hotel brand Travelodge switched to Kibo Personalization, powered by Monetate and Certona, they were able to implement new tests six times faster and at significantly lower costs.

Learn how server-side testing helped the brand multiply their ROI.

Platform Features

Server-Side Testing

Test Features Faster

Expedite software release cycles by decoupling deployment from feature launch.

With feature flags you can easily launch experiments at maximum velocity to see the impact of new features or changes so you can continually optimize.

By providing real-time performance metrics and validation, feature flags allow development teams to deliver continuously and for organizations to gather informed business intel on the spot.

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Kibo’s modern architecture deploys easily in all environments, and can achieve real business results for you in no time while significantly reducing costs.

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