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Fulfillment Partners

Kibo gives offline retailers like you new ways to generate sales and bring motivated customers into your store. By becoming a Kibo Fulfillment Partner, you will join over 20,000 retail stores fulfilling online orders for more than 1,000 branded manufacturers across 40 industries.

  • Increase sales by fulfilling online orders for brands already in stock
  • Increase foot traffic and impulse buys when you fulfill online orders with in-store pickup
  • See real time online sales information from over 1,000 Kibo brands, and make informed decisions about which brands and products to carry in your store.

How it works:

  1. Shoppers on manufacturer websites place their orders.
  2. Orders are posted to the Kibo Order Exchange for viewing by Fulfillment Partners.
  3. Fulfillment Partners request orders they want to fulfill.
  4. Using on-hand inventory, Fulfillment Partners prepare orders for in-store pickup or ship-to-home.
  5. Fulfillment Partners receive guaranteed payments once a week for all fulfilled orders.
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