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Bring the Power of E-Commerce to Your Stores

Veras Retail offers four great products that integrate with the Kibo Unified Commerce Cloud:

  • CheckOut: Deliver an Outstanding In-Store Experience and a Streamlined, Personalized Checkout
  • Reach: Profitably Understand and Reward Your Valued Customers with CRM Built Exclusively for Retail
  • Activate: Unlock Advanced Promotional Capabilities within POS
  • Extend: Perform selling transactions anywhere a network connection is available

Veras Checkout

Break down the barriers between e-commerce and brick and mortar. Whether it’s in-store pickup of e-commerce orders or using your direct-to-consumer warehouse as an endless aisle for your stores, Veras CheckOut manages it elegantly. Using enterprise inventory data in real time and centralized order visibility and alerting, CheckOut delivers the capabilities that help your store become an extension of your omnichannel strategy.

Extend Modern Mobility to Your Store Floor

Mobile is everywhere. You can now bring the point of sale to your customers in your aisles or off-site with Veras Extend, the mobile client application for Veras CheckOut. Use Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android devices to perform full point-of-sale transactions with secure payment, or suspend the transaction and complete it on a standard POS. Extend acts as “just another register,” using CheckOut’s ERP, CRM and payment integrations natively. Activate Promotions Easily and Accurately Drive key sales metrics without added shrink or loss by executing targeted complex offers (buy X get Y, spend & save, etc.) and upselling prompts automatically.

Customers with configurable pricing tiers and other offers, tie any promotion to a coupon, and accurately track the impact. If your ERP system can’t create these offers, our complementary promotion solution Veras Activate can.

Reach Your Customers

Get the flexibility to support your customers in many ways. Display and utilize customer data at the POS quickly and efficiently, whether you use the data included within CheckOut, Veras Reach CRM or third-party loyalty system. You can capture customer information quickly and generate surveys, e-receipts, real-time loyalty rewards, and bounceback coupons. Allow your best customers to return purchases from any channel without a receipt, and without fear of return fraud.

Experience Real-Time Reliability

Veras CheckOut communicates with enterprise systems in real time, so you always operate with the latest information. Downloaded price data is available at the POS within seconds, and POS transactions constantly flow to the head office. You will also be protected during wide-area and local-area network outages since CheckOut can run in offline mode with rich functionality to keep your stores in business.

Rest Assured with Payment Security While Veras solutions adhere to industry best practices for application security, our approach to payment security is simple–sensitive payment card data never enters Veras CheckOut, period. We work with leading payment software providers to deliver best-of-breed payment security, so you won’t have to worry about compliance impacts when deploying new POS software releases.

Stock Your Shelves and Manage Your Back Office

Use Veras Stock to simplify and accelerate your store-level processes, optimize inventory management, and help satisfy consumer expectations. Stock integrates with your corporate merchandising systems in real time to ensure accurate inventory across the retail enterprise.

Control and Align with Central Office Administration

With Veras Control, central office support staff can monitor, configure and deploy changes to your in-store CheckOut environment in real time. The application also delivers detailed visibility into your brick and mortar transactions via an electronic journal. Control’s centralized administrative, cross-store and cross-channel capabilities help ensure that you are aligned at the store and corporate levels for better customer service and business performance.

About Veras Retail

The Veras Retail philosophy is as simple as our tagline – “it starts at the store.” In today’s omnichannel world, the retail store represents an important emotional and anchoring connection to consumers who very much still want to see, touch and experience your products in person. It is our quest to help you capitalize on the tremendous opportunity presented within your store’s four walls to better connect with your customers while driving increased loyalty and margin.

We know stores.

  • Our solutions: 20+ years of store systems heritage
  • Our people: 240+ years of POS expertise
  • Our focus: 100% dedication to in-store technology and processes

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