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OLR is a leading global retail systems integrator, specialising in delivering end-to-end omnichannel and merchandising solutions. Our expertise empowers top-tier retailers to achieve rapid business success through seamless system integration, automated regression testing and 24/7 Managed Services.

In addition to solution implementation, OLR offers a suite of proprietary accelerators that facilitate efficient and scalable project delivery. By example, OLR Integrator is an application-agnostic middleware platform, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional middleware tools and transforms operations by seamlessly unifying applications, devices, and data sets, providing bi-directional feeds to any subscribed system.

OLR has partnered with Kibo Commerce to provide retailers with a best-of-breed composable commerce, subscription and order management solution to address changing commerce business needs and improve ROI.

Together, Kibo and OLR deliver a future-proof solution for retailers, ensuring they stay ahead of challenges in a dynamic market.

To drive this innovation forward, OLR has built its Souk Store Accelerator to seamlessly migrate your catalogue, content, customers and history at an accelerated speed. An innovative solution that drives conversion, easy navigation and search engines, Souk facilitates seamless and rapid migration to the KIBO unified composable commerce platform.

The Souk Store is composed of KIBO modules, functions and solutions, Builder.IO (headless content management system for content migration) and OLR-developed features like loyalty, gift cards and quick returns to deliver best-in-class, modern retail experience straight ‘out of the box’. Thus, helping retailers to harvest the benefits of the Kibo composable commerce platform at speed.

Souk Store includes back-end integrations and all the core fundamentals of commerce front-end layout. Built on React, it allows independent evolution of the front end to meet the changing needs of all clients.

Learn more about the Souk Store here.


Industries Served: Retail, Food and Beverage, Fashion, Homeware, Grocery, Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals

Geographies Served: EMEA, US, LATAM, ASI

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