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Kibo Real-Time Individualization® Application

The Kibo Real-Time Individualization (RTI) solution delivers truly individualized experiences to each customer, across all devices and touchpoints from a big data and machine learning engine that scales for large catalogs and high volumes of interactions. The Kibo RTI Application integrates the functionality of RTI into your Kibo eCommerce Software solution. Typical RTI use cases include:
  • Ad Landing Pages—Display dynamic content and products based on search terms, ad context, customer location, and inferred preferences.
  • Homepage Banners and Promotions—Employ optimized banners and category promotions based on segment memberships, location, and inferred preferences.
  • Homepage Product Recommendations—Showcase trending products by location or segment, recently viewed items, or items related to recent browsing behavior or inferred preferences.
  • Null Search Results—Suggest items through collective behavior correlation to synonyms, common misspellings, and slang.
  • Category Pages—Optimize category page results based on location, segment, and inferred preferences.
  • Product Detail and Cart Recommendations—Cross-sell and upsell the most relevant products based on individual browsing behavior and preferences.
  • On-Open Email Content—Include dynamic, relevant content and products in transactional, campaign, and retargeting emails.

Kibo RTI is built on an extensible, big data framework that supports the processing and storage of extremely large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Proven technologies including Hortonworks Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark drive big data modeling, reporting data aggregation, and customer data processing. Kibo RTI has a unique real-time tier that stores models and data in memory. This real-time access system allows for extremely fast response times for complex queries, including site or app context data and unique customer data. All requests to the RTI system can be managed via REST APIs, allowing for complete control of front-end systems.

Application Features:
  • Fully incorporate the benefits of Kibo Real-Time Individualization into your Kibo eCommerce solution.
  • Display personalized content and product suggestions on your storefront by using the RTI widget.
  • Export product information to RTI from Kibo eCommerce.
  • Increase your site’s conversion and customer loyalty rates through relevant, well-timed, and individualized messaging.

About the KIBO RTI solution

Categories: Personalization

Classification: Integration
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Hosted: Yes
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