Seamlessly fulfill orders through retail partners and dealer networks with intelligent order routing



Order Management for Manufacturers

Kibo Order Management gives branded manufacturers the ability to leverage the available inventory in every retail partner’s store front. Manufacturers can also use inventory in their warehouse when fulfilling online orders. Consumers order products online directly from a brand’s website and when an order is placed it becomes an available order for their authorized retailers within Kibo’s patented Order Exchange. Authorized retailers will see the order and can then request to fulfill the order if they have the item(s) in stock.

Kibo enables manufacturers to support local retailers while providing consumers with excellent customer service and prompt shipping. It also allows brands to offer the convenience of ordering online and picking up in store. Kibo’s order management system for manufacturers allows brands to sell direct online and share the sales with their retail channels.

Explore the many benefits below for branded manufacturers using Kibo Order Management.


Meet Customer Demand for a Seamless Shopping Experience

By implementing a direct-to-consumer site with store fulfillment, brands bridge this gap for customers in a way that retail partners might not be able to themselves because of knowledge, staff, or budgetary limitations.

In addition, brands get the benefit of “owning” the experience, overseeing retailers to ensure the fulfillment experience lives up to the brand’s promise.


Reduce Delivery Times and Costs

With retail stores set up as fulfillment channels, customers gain more choices as to how they’d like to receive their orders (ship-to-home and pick up in store).

Suddenly, what might have been a 3-day turnaround can become a same-day order, picked up in store. And what might have been an expensive shipment from a manufacturer’s central warehouse might be a fraction of the price when shipped from the customer’s nearest retail location.

Influence Retail Partner Stocking Behavior

Some manufacturers have tried to solve the problem of channel conflict by cutting dealers a check for estimated sales lost. However, this doesn’t give retailers any incentive to stock more of the brand’s products.

By contrast, involving the dealer in order fulfillment provides a strong incentive to stock the manufacturer’s products more deeply, which can be a huge win for the brand.

Easily Fulfill Low-Quantity Orders

Manufacturers who choose to implement direct-to-consumer fulfillment from their own warehouses often find they’re ill equipped to fulfill low-quantity orders. Shipping palettes are typically set up to fulfill bulk retailer orders rather than the single-quantity purchases typical of consumer eCommerce.

Retail locations do not have this problem, with on-shelf merchandise typically already broken into consumer-sized quantities. Simply put, manufacturers must reorganize their warehouse operations for B-to-C service, whereas retailers are hardwired for it.


Increase Inventory Availability with a Larger Inventory Pool

When brands involve their network of dealers in the fulfillment process, they are able to leverage a much larger pool of inventory, significantly reducing the likelihood of “out of stock” scenarios.

Experience the Kibo Difference

Kibo empowers retailers and branded manufacturers to achieve optimal performance of B2C and B2B commerce through unified consumer experiences. With over 40 years of innovations, Kibo provides a complete omnichannel commerce platform by leveraging cloud technologies, individualized buying experiences, and true enterprise scale. Kibo enables you to reach higher peaks of sales and consumer loyalty. No matter the challenge, Kibo powers your success.