Optimize Paid Ads Connect And Optimize Your Pre- And Post-Click Journeys

Enhance the value of your ad spend by linking the pre- and post-click experiences to personalize the customer journey from clickthrough to conversion.

Most people try to optimize their acquisition cost by focusing on reducing CPC or by looking at how they optimize that advertising cost by better targeting, but then forget that is only the first part of a larger problem. Once they get to your website, how are you continuing that personalized targeting all the way to conversion?

Personalization-powered results Monetate’s helping brands deliver true optimization across the entire customer journey.

Up To % Reduction In Bounce Rate

For retailers displaying personalized product recommendations based on paid traffic source.
Up To % Increase In Conversion Rate

For retailers A/B testing personalized offers for paid search audiences, such as free shipping.
Up To % increase in average time on site

For retailers that use ad mapping to personalize content on their paid search landing pages.

personalization software, personalization technology Deliver experiences that matter to your customers

Agile, easy-to-use segmentation and targeting keeps you steps ahead of customer expectations. Reach more people with more relevant experiences.

Connect And Optimize Your Pre- And Post-Click Journeys

Resource Increase Conversions With Post-Click Landing Pages

There are many tactical best practices that can immediately improve the post-click experience. Just a few small landing page optimization tests will quickly show retailers just how valuable it is to focus on this important customer experience.

Connect And Optimize Your Pre- And Post-Click Journeys

Resource Gartner Recognizes Certona & Monetate As Leading Personalization Engines

Learn what to expect from a modern personalization engine and why Certona & Monetate are recognized as leaders for advanced data-driven personalization and optimization in this report.


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