These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



XML-RPC APIs: Overview

Kibo OMS was originally built with XML-RPC APIs before they were adapted into newer REST architecture. The XML-RPC APIs are not used by most Kibo clients and will not be enhanced upon or prioritized over REST APIs for development, but some legacy clients may still use them and thus the below documentation is intended as a resource to support them when needed.

The following guides explain each of the XML-RPC APIs and their uses, sorted by the party they are intended for. Note that some APIs are able to be used by multiple parties.

The XML-RPC APIs for retailers are:

The XML-RPC APIs for manufacturers are:

The XML-RPC APIs for fulfillment partners are:

Each guide includes an explanation, schema information, and code samples. Choose a guide from the links above or the navigation menu to find out more.