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Edit User

The Edit User API allows the admin to edit a particular user. This includes changing their name, contact information, activity status, and locale. An admin can also reset a user’s password through this API request, though they cannot change the automatically-assigned expiration date of the new password.

Supported FormatsJSON

Note that the core URL may be different from the standard production environment, depending on the configuration.

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the User Management API follows below, or view the schema or the sample Postman collection.


In this example, the user being edited will be assigned the following properties:

  • The user’s first name is being changed to “TEST Test”
  • The user’s phone number is being set to 0000000000

Required Parameters

The following parameters are required for all instances of this call:

firstNamestringThe first name of the user. The maximum length is 50.
lastNamestringThe last name of the user. The maximum length is 50.
activeIntegerWhether the user is active or not.
emailstringThe email of the user. The maximum length is 70.
localeenumThe Internet Engineering Task Force code for the user’s locale (e.g. en-US or fr-CA).

Optional Parameters

A number of additional variables can also be edited:

allowedCatalogsarrayArray of catalogIDs (which are integers) that this user is associated with.
passwordstringThe password of the customer. The minimum length is 5 and the maximum length is 48.
phonestringThe phone number of the user. The minimum length is 6 and the maximum length is 20.

Note that Customer objects include read-only parameters. These parameters may be returned as part of customer data, but they cannot be edited after initial user creation. These read-only variables include:

  • userID
  • username
  • retailerID
  • manufacturerID
  • fulfillerID
  • catalogID
  • groupID
  • groupName
  • passwordExpires
  • lastLogin
  • admin

The Full Request

This is the entire request that will edit a user. When making this PUT call, a new key must be added to the header. The key is called “Shopatron-User-ID” and the value is the appropriate User ID.

 "firstName": "TEST Test",
 "lastName": "Test",
 "active": 1,
 "email": "",
 "locale": "en-US"

The Full Response

The API returns a description of the user that was edited.

 "userID": 12121,
 "username": "test_test",
 "firstName": "TEST Test",
 "lastName": "Test",
 "email": "",
 "phone": "0000000000",
 "active": 1,
 "passwordExpires": "2020-08-04T04:04:41+00:00",
 "lastLogin": "2009-09-14T12:14:40-07:00",
 "groupID": 2,
 "groupName": "Manufacturer Admin",
 "manufacturerID": 010,
 "fulfillerID": 10101,
 "locale": "en-US",
 "admin": 0