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Add User Location

The Add User Location API allows the admin to add a location assignment to a particular user. This user will only be able to manage the orders and shipments of their specified location in the OMS interfaces.

Supported FormatsJSON

Note that the core URL may be different from the standard production environment, depending on the configuration.

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the User Management API follows below, or view sample Postman collection.


In this example, the user will be assigned the following location properties:

  • User ID 00000
  • Being assigned to Location 5

Required Parameters

The following parameters are required for all instances of this call:

locationIDintegerThe fulfillment location ID that the user is being assigned to.

Optional Parameters

These are the other details that can be supplied while adding a new location:

manufacturerIDintegerA unique identifier for the manufacturer that the user is associated with. Note that this will be read-only.
retailerIDintegerA unique identifier for the retailer associated with this user.
catalogIDintegerA unique identifier for the catalog associated with this user.

The Full Request

Using the URL format as outlined above, the entire call is fairly simple to put together. This sample will add the designated location to the user. The Shopatron-User-ID key will need to be added to the header and filled with the ID of the user making the request, for security purposes.

The user being modified is designated in the URL endpoint:

Meanwhile, the location and any other optional parameters are noted in the body of the request:


The returned response should be 200 OK. There will not be any data returned, but using the Get User Locations request will allow one to confirm that the change was made.