These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



Shipments: Overview

Note that there is no Create Shipment API guide listed here. A developer does not have to build a request to create a shipment, because this is done automatically by OMS when an order gets assigned to a location. These existing shipments can be retrieved, searched for, adjusted, and updated as necessary during the fulfillment process. See the Fulfillment guides for more detail about other steps in that process.

Drop shippers can also obtain limited access to the Shipment API through the following endpoints. These endpoints do not allow access to any personal customer, billing or appeasement information but otherwise allows drop shippers to make use of these APIs.

  • Production –
  • Staging –

The following guides explain how developers can access and edit information about shipments:

Each includes information about the call, a sample request and response, and quick links to the relevant schemas and Postman collections. Choose a guide from the links above or the navigation menu to find out more.